Prevention of sexualized violence

Prevention of sexualized violence

Welcome to our reporting center, which provides a safe space for reporting misconduct, discrimination and/or sexual assault. University Sport places great importance on creating an environment where all participants are respected and protected.

Our values:

Justice, respect and safety of every individual are of paramount importance to us in sport. The Hotline was created to provide a confidential mechanism for reporting misconduct and inappropriate behavior.

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What can be reported?

  1. Misconduct: Unprofessional conduct, violations of ethical standards and/or inappropriate behavior.
  2. Discrimination: Any form of discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability and/or other protected characteristics.
  3. Sexual assault: Any form of unwanted sexual activity or harassment.


All reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We understand that it is often difficult to talk about such incidents. Our reporting center is designed to create a safe space for such reports.

You can contact us in various ways:

📞By phone - Speak directly to one of our contacts in person.

✉ E-mail - Send an e-mail to our contact persons, who will then get in touch with you.

Additional support

We also offer information about other support services if further professional advice or legal help is required.

👥 Contact persons and information can be found: here

📞Phone Equal Opportunities Office: 0228/73-7490

📞 Phone secretariat: 0228/73-6574

✉ E-Mail:

👥 Contact persons and information can be found: here

📞Phone: 0228 73-7041

✉ For general questions, simply contact:

✉ You can contact us confidentially at any time without obligation and anonymously at

👥 Contact persons and information can be found: here

📞Phone: +4917670775641

✉ E-Mail:

👥 Contact persons and information can be found: here

📞Phone: +49 228 73-7569 (Simone Abresch); +49 228 73-3679 (Susanne Rettinger)

✉ E-Mail:

Your contribution to a safe university sports community

The safety and well-being of all members of our university sports community is important to us. We strongly encourage all participants to take an active role and inform us of any incidents.

Show strength against any form of sexualized discrimination in the context of our university sports! Regardless of whether it concerns superiors, supervisors, teachers, colleagues, fellow students or trainers.

A clear "NO" means "NO"! Clearly indicate to the harassing person or persons that their behavior is unwelcome!

Document the incidents and make a note of the contact details of any witnesses. Finding evidence of sexualized discrimination or violence can often be challenging, especially when it comes to a "statement against statement" situation. It is therefore advisable to record the date, time, place and nature of the harassment. You should also document in writing any measures you may have already taken to defend yourself, as well as saving any harassing emails or text messages.

Don't go through this challenge alone! Share your concerns with people you trust and seek support from the relevant contact persons in University Sport. Your matter will be treated confidentially and you will receive help with further steps and discussions. We are committed to providing a respectful and safe environment within University Sport and your involvement is crucial to our shared success.

Worth knowing

SDG begins where personal boundaries are not respected. It deliberately degrades the dignity of another person. The main motive for sexualized discrimination and violence is the exercise of power and dominance. It can be exercised with words, gestures or actions and can be perpetrated by individuals or groups. SDG is often ambiguous, for example in ambiguous, suggestive remarks or in approaches that cannot be clearly classified at first. The consequences of sexualized discrimination and violence on mental and physical health can be serious.

Forms of sexualized discrimination include, for example

  • Suggestive, ambiguous or derogatory remarks
  • Intrusive looks
  • Sexist remarks or jokes
  • Harassment via telephone, email or WhatsApp
  • Whistling at you
  • Unnecessary approaching, unwanted physical contact
  • Unwanted invitations with clear intentions
  • Obscene signs or gestures

The term sexualized is increasingly gaining acceptance as a scientific term. It is intended to make it clear that harassment or discrimination is used as a demonstration of power and superiority, in which sexual statements or actions are used as a means of demonstrating this.

We receive all reports confidentially and ensure that the privacy of those involved is protected as far as legally possible.

Yes, we have contact persons in university sports who provide support and advice on issues relating to the prevention of sexual violence. See the contact details below


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